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An administrator is also called a sysop. You can add requests to this page for things that can only be done by sysops.

If you want a page deleted, say so on the Wikipedia:Proposed deletions page.

Sysops are allowed to do some things that other users are not. This is for performance reasons (it would make the website too slow to let everyone do it). It is also for security reasons (because they are trusted). If you want to become one, please say so on this page.

Anyone who has been adding to this website for a while is allowed to be an administrator. Jimbo Wales, the founder of the Wikimedia Foundation, said "this should be no big deal".

Sysops do not have any special authority. They are equal to everybody else.

Things administrators can do:

See also: Administrator logs - Blocks, Page protection, Deletions

A bureaucrat is a slightly higher administrative level that can perform a few additional functions. Bureaucrats can give administrator or bureaucrat status to other users following a successful request on this page. Bureaucrats can also help users who want to change user names. They can also "flag" bots, which means to hide their contributions from the new changes and put them in the bot group. Requests for name changes should be made directly to the talk page of one of the listed bureaucrats.

See also: Bureaucrat logs - User rights, User rename

Listaan na saray administrator[dumaen so pinanlapuan]

Sakey ya automated ya listaan ya amin na account ya walay admin status so nanengneng ed saya Special:Listadmins.

Actibo[dumaen so pinanlapuan]

Aga Actibo[dumaen so pinanlapuan]

Requests for bureaucratship[dumaen so pinanlapuan]

Arikasikis[dumaen so pinanlapuan]

Since there are many articles here, I request this status.

Requests for adminship[dumaen so pinanlapuan]

Arikasikis[dumaen so pinanlapuan]

I was the main contributor and test administrator of the Test-wp/pag. I want to translate the buttons into Pangasinan. How do I become an administrator? User:Arikasikis

Archive of older requests for administrator status

Current issues and requests[dumaen so pinanlapuan]

/Current issues and requests archive 1

Users can contact sysops on this page to ask them to protect pages. Requests for deletion should be made on Wikipedia:Requests for deletion and requests for blocking on Wikipedia:Vandalism in progress.

All sysops should watch this section for issues that sysops must be aware of, and for news about policy changes affecting sysops.

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