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<Mula sa SpotifyCares Katanungang panseguridad Makakatulong sa ang iyong sagot sa tanong na ito para i-verify na ikaw nga ito. Kung hindi mo natatandaan ang iyong sagot, alisin ang panseguridad na tanong mo sa iyong Account. How to protect your Spotify account ni SpotifyCares 3,112 panonood></

Printing graphics on paper If you get the graphic in SVG format, you can adjust it to any size and DPI you need. If they are making a design in e.g. Photoshop and delivering the graphics in non-vector format, you should simply ensure that the art-board in Photoshop has the right dimensions and DPI. Then, import the SVG file into Photoshop. For print, you should avoid using the PNG files from Iconfinder; SVG is the right choice.

Did this answer your question?>Operator from Iconfinder If you'd like, you can ask the team for help here< get_app Import passwords To import passwords to your Account, select a CSV file. Learn more

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