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Ipatalos yo pa ya ed salitan Pangasinan. Sarag yon dagdagan o bawasan. Salamat.

Say Easy Rock Network sakey radio network diad Pilipino owned dia Cebu Broadcasting Company (odino subsidiariyo ed Manila Broadcasting Company)

Historiya[dumaen | dumaen so pinanlapuan]

The Easy Rock Network was formed on May 18, 2009.[1][2] The formation of the Easy Rock Network started with an initial rebrand of the newly-acquired DWRK radio station, which MBC bought from the ACWS-United Broadcasting network on October 6, 2008.[3] The Easy Rock network was later expanded by rebranding a number of former Yes FM stations, Love Radio and Hot FM stations to Easy Rock.

The format of Easy Rock resembles of the WRock Format.

Saray estasiyon diad Easy Rock[dumaen | dumaen so pinanlapuan]

Easy Rock is also broadcast to 9 provincial stations in the Philippines[1]

Branding Panawagan Frequency Linaw (kW) Lokasiyon
96.3 Easy Rock DWRK 96.3 MHz 25 kW Metro Manila
91.9 Easy Rock Baguio DZST 91.9 MHz 10 kW Baguio
93.5 Easy Rock Boracay DYEY 93.5 MHz 1 kW Boracay
92.3 Easy Rock Iloilo DYST 92.3 MHz 10 kW Iloilo
105.5 Easy Rock Bacolod DYMY 105.5 MHz 24 kW Bacolod
102.7 Easy Rock Cebu DYTC 102.7 MHz 10 kW Cebu
97.9 Easy Rock Zamboanga DXCM 97.9 MHz 5 kW Zamboanga
96.9 Easy Rock Cagayan De Oro DXKS 96.9 MHz 10 kW Cagayan De Oro
105.1 Easy Rock Davao DXYS 105.1 MHz 10 kW Davao
94.3 Easy Rock General Santos DXTS 94.3 MHz 10 kW Siyudad na Heneral Santos

References[dumaen | dumaen so pinanlapuan]

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Saray nipaway ya gawing[dumaen | dumaen so pinanlapuan]

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