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Ipapaisip ya buralen lan tampol so ayan bolong.
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Maliket so toon ag ontotombuk ed
simbawa da ray totoon maoges,
ag to aaligey kagagawa da ray
totoon makasalanan,
tan ag mikakasakey ed saray
totoon managbalaw na
Ingen, maliket a mangoonur na
Ganggan na KATAWAN,
tan agew-labi ton dadalepdepen.
Aliling toy kiew a nitanem ed abay
na managos a danum;
mambubunga no panaon to tan
ag namamagaan iray bolung to.
Onaaligwas iray amin a gagawaen
Balet aliwan onyay toon maoges,
singa taep ya ititikyab na dagem.
Say Dios sintinsiaan ton nadusa so
toon maoges,
tan nibiig ed olupan da ray totoon
Say KATAWAN iwawanwan tan
iyaagel to so toon matonung.
balet nabalang ya anggad angga
so toon maoges.