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Mapa na La Union ya nanengneng so location na Tubao

Say Tubao sakey 4th class ya baley ed luyag na La Union, Filipinas. Onong ed 2000 census, walay population to ya 24,773 ya too diad 4,649 ya pamilya.

Listaan na barangay[edit | edit source]

Say Tubao walay 18 ya barangay.

  • Amallapay
  • Anduyan
  • Caoigue
  • Francia Sur
  • Francia West
  • Garcia
  • Gonzales
  • Halog East
  • Halog West
  • Leones East
  • Leones West
  • Linapew
  • Magsaysay
  • Pideg is a 7th class baranggay in the town of Tubao, province of La Union, Philippines. According to the latest census, it has a population of 6, 936 people in 945 households.

Its name is usually attributed to "Pid-eg", a pine-like evergreen tree (Casuarina equisetifolia or Whistling Pine) that thrived in the western coast during the pre-Spanish Period. History of PIDEG as one Baranggay in Tubao La Union Before the Spanish Before the province of La Union was established, Pideg was part of Tubao, La Union, and was a settlement of people of the "same race as those of Pangasinan." (de Loarca,1582) These people traded with Chinese merchants long before Columbus even sailed to the new world. Later, the Japanese came and established their first settlement in the Philippines. At this time, Pideg's coast was shaped in such a way that it was a good harbor for foreign vessels coming into Lingayen Gulf. Miguel De Loarca referred to Pideg as “El Puerto de Japon” - the Japanese Port. On March 2, 1850, the province of La Union was created by Governor–General Antonio Maria Blanco. It comprised the northwestern towns of Pangasinan and the towns of Ilocos Sur south of the Amburayan river. Pideg was the oldest baranggay to be integrated and was listed as having a population of 6,936 people. There are 8 purok’s in the baranggay comprises with the purok’s captains.

  • Poblacion
  • Rizal
  • Santa Teresa
  • Lloren

Saray Gawing ed Labas[edit | edit source]

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